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    online badminton 3D game review

                                  Badminton 3D Games

    Details of Games: 

    Badminton 3D games is a famous game in the world. Badminton 3D games are the invention of India. It is playing of aboriginal.T here are playing and enjoy. It is looking for people in the world. The any other best player join in the games. The player of playing and enjoyment of people. Badminton 3D games is a pc & Android version games. It is a nice game in the world. It is an easy &  update games of the year.

    Badminton 3D games is a point system. It is a nice system in the world .if a player win greater than another player best score in the games. It has a tournament of the games. The player another tournament or join in the games. The player of playing win the awardees.

       Control System: 

          Badminton 3D game is a user control games. It is an easy control system. The is a control system to your choices. It has up, down, left, Right system in the games .the user of control system us in the choice.

    The player jumping hit for the ball. The player moving in the field for playing games. It is playing system easy. If you playing than enjoy the games.


          Badminton 3D ground is very beautiful in the world. It is design and structure very nice in the world. It is a design of realist. The people looking at the game sitting in the stadium. The people enjoy Badminton games. The player playing of enjoy for peoples.The people looking of enjoying.


          Badminton 3D game is a level system games. If your best score of the win in the in level .you win the level and end of levels.If you win the level and go to the next levels.

    The feature of Games:  

           Simple UL & easy control play.

            It is an updated version of 2018.

           Advance Al divided by 5 difficulty levels.

           Variety of rackets from standard to funny style.

           Applied the basic rules of Badminton.

        Optimized with a combination of five racket sports set and tracker.

           It is a level system games 


         Minimum:§  OS: Windows 7,8,10(32bit/64bit).
    §  Processor: Intel i5-5490.
    §  Memory: 4GB RAM.
    §  Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GT970.
    § Directx: version 9.0.
    §  Storage:1GB available.
    §  Additional :HDMI 1.4,Displayport 1.2

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