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    feature of war thunder in 2019

                                                  War Thunder Overview

    War Thunder is a history buff dream come true. Offering both gaseous and vehicle gameplay in one package, the game proud hundreds of historically accurate vehicles culled from all the major nations involved in the Second World War. War Thunder masterfully pulls off a tricky balancing act by offering both an archway style frag-fest mode and more delicate simulation gameplay. Players looking for a fast fix can jump right into the action, while those looking for a historically accurate experience can spend more time mastering the controls of each airplane or tank. Players can research and buy more advanced vehicles for each nation using either in-game or cash shop currency. Battleline in War Thunder is also quick and convenient, enabling players to leave an obvious defeat and get into a new match with no hassle.

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    War Thunder Key Features:

    Play as a Nation – choose to be a part of the USA, Soviet Union, Germany, Great Britain, or Japan, and explore their tanks and airplanes.

    Challenging Gameplay – in the most realistic set of War Thunder (Simulator Battles), experience how difficult it really was to fly planning during WWII.

    Historically exactly, Models – history buffs will love the intricate details of the vehicles and planes in this game.

    Gamepad and Joystick Support – find the controller most happy to you reciprocate what pilots do with the joystick support.

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    Variety of Aircraft and Tanks – not only are the vehicles and planes detailed, but there are also hundreds of them to customize and master!

    Seamless cross-platform gameplay- Windows PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation®4 with Xbox One users being included in PC battles – everyone on the same server

     Vehicles- Over 1,000 highly detailed aircraft, helicopters, tanks, warships and other combat vehicles crafted carefully from historical documents and surviving sources

    Graphics - using high graphics & high sound effects & wonderful music.   

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